Waste and Utility Services

SEWER -– Northeastern York County Sewer Authority
200 N. Main Street, P.O. Box 516, Mt. Wolf, PA 17347
www.nesewer.org, (717) 266-1493
Borough Representitives - Clair Good and Eugene Snell

Penn Waste, Inc., (717) 767-4456
P.O. Box 3066, York, PA 17402

Refuse collection – Refuse is collected throughout the year on Mondays, unless a major holiday falls on that day, then refuse will be collected the next day. A second summer collection is provided on Thursdays throughout the months of June – August. Six bags or cans may be put out for collection. One large item per week may be put at the curbside on Mondays.

Recyclables may be placed at curb side on Mondays throughout the year. Please access the type of recycling materials that are acceptable by checking on the PennWaste web site. Go to Penn Waste, click on residential recycling and pull up "what is recyclable?" for a full description.

Recycling Containers - Penn Waste will supply the larger 32 gallon blue recycling containers. Contact PennWaste or the borough office to request one. Smaller recycling bins may continue to be used and are available at the borough office, as well as, informative recycling brochures.

The collection fee for refuse/recycling is billed by the refuse collector (Penn Waste) per contract with the borough.



As an MS4 municipality mandated by the Department of Environmental Protection ( www.dep.state.pa.us ), Manchester Borough is required to inform citizens concerning storm water runoff and the effects of pollutants on the water system. Remember that whatever you put down your drain or on your streets affects our environment and our health. DEP encourages the public to become involved in related projects to improve our environment. Volunteers are welcome. Please contact the borough office for information.