MUNICIPAL TAXES (Real Estate Tax and Per Capita Tax)

TAX INFORMATION - Individual tax responsibility can sometimes be perplexing, especially to those who have just moved into the area. The Manchester Borough Tax Collector annually collects taxes for the borough, the county, and the school district.

Taxes for York County and Manchester Borough are listed together on the same bill and mailed in February with a due date for discount payment by April 15th. (There are discounts and penalties depending on when the bill is paid; see your bill for specific information.) If you are a property owner, you will be billed for real estate taxes for both the county and the borough, the amounts based on millage rates. The borough also has a $5.00 per capita tax that all residents over 18 years of age are required to pay unless qualifying for an exemption. The per capita tax will be included with the real estate bill. If you are not a property owner, then you will be billed separately. All borough/county taxes must be paid by December 31st of the current year. If they are not paid by that date, they will be sent to Tax Claim or G.H. Harris for collection.

Taxes for Northeastern School District will be billed in June for payment by September 1st. They include a tax on real estate and a per capita tax with a special tax. Residents, 18 years or older who do not own property, will be responsible for the per capita tax and the special tax. This is just a brief description. You may always obtain additional information concerning the above referenced taxes from the borough tax collector.

Manchester Borough Tax Collector

Kelly Neely
P.O. Box 421
Manchester, PA 17345
(717) 384-6478

YORK ADAMS TAX BUREAU (Earned Income Tax and Local Service Tax)

1405 N. Duke Street
P.O. Box 15627
York, PA 17405
(717) 845-1584

The York Adams Tax Bureau collects and distributes an Earned Income Tax collected by your employee on your wages to your municipality and school district in which you reside, in addition to, the Local Service Tax on those who work in the municipality.

The Earned Income Tax is a tax levied by the borough and school district on your gross wages and net profits. Tax rates are 1% on the school district where you live, and the tax is shared between the municipality and school district. If you work within Pennsylvania your employer is required to withhold the tax and remit it to the collector where the employer is located. The York Adams Tax Bureau collects the tax for most of York and all of Adams Counties. If you are self-employed or work out-of-state, you are required to make estimated quarterly payments of the tax due. An annual Individual Earned Income Tax Return must be filed with the YATB by April 15 following the end of the tax year. A return must be filed even if you had no earned income. Only permanently retired or disabled individuals are exempt from filing.

Local Service Tax is levied as an occupational privilege tax of $52 per year which is withheld by your employer for those that work in the borough at no more than $1.00 per week and collected and disbursed by the YATB. Low income exemptions may apply.

Please inform the YATB and the Manchester Borough Tax Collector of any change of address.