Storm Water, MS4

STORM WATER - The Department of Environmental Protection has designated Manchester Borough as an MS4 municipality. As such, Manchester Borough is encouraged to inform its citizens concerning storm water runoff and the effects of pollutants on the water system. Rain by nature is important for replenishing drinking water supplies, recreation, and healthy wildlife habitats. It only becomes a problem when pollutants from our activities like car maintenance, lawn care, and dog walking are left on the ground for rain to wash away. Remember that whatever you put in your drain or on your streets affects our environment and health. "When it Rains, it Drains" publication is available for your perusal.

DEP encourages the public to become involved in related projects to improve our environment. Volunteers will be welcomed. Please contact the borough office for information. The office will be pleased to work with your organization to participate in a project.

YORK COUNTY REGIONAL CHESAPEAKE BAY POLLUTANT REDUCTION PLAN - Manchester Borough is participating in the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement for the Plan to control stormwater and improve water quality. Municipalities will be cooperatively working together to not only restore impaired waters but help to fund projects that will reduce nitrogen, phosphorous and sediment from entering waters in York County, and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay.

The Borough has executed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Watershed Alliance of York (WAY) to promote watershed protection. WAY is a coalition of stakeholders committed to being innovative leaders educating the public and encouraging watershed-based planning, restoration and protection in York County, Pennsylvania, and beyond. WAY provides watershed educational assistance and sponsors stream and illegal dump site cleanups throughout the year. For a summary of WAY's upcoming activities, please visit:

Envirothon is an annual environmentally themed academic competition. Envirothon combines in-class and hands-on environmental education in a competition setting which involves a problem-solving presentations as well as written field tests. This program is available to Borough school students through the local school district. To learn more about the Envirothon, please Visit:

Under the MS4 Program, the Borough is required to submit an Annual Report to DEP to demonstrate compliance with all program requirements. The Borough's latest Annual Report may be viewed at the Manchester Borough Office.


DEP Reminds Pool Owners to Handle Waste Water Responsibly Harrisburg, PA – In an effort to help protect stream health and aquatic life, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) would like to remind private and public pool owners, as well as pool management companies, how to properly close their swimming pools for the season. Discharged pool water and waters containing chlorine or other chemicals can be detrimental to aquatic life if not handled responsibly. It is extremely important that these waters are handled correctly. Pool waters must not be discharged to any storm sewer or land in which a storm sewer is accessible. Runoff can cause fish kills and unsafe aquatic conditions. “Pool owners and professional pool cleaners need to dispose of old water appropriately and conscientiously,” said Acting DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “Most of all, we need to make sure the wastewater is going into the sanitary sewer, where it may be allowed – and not into our storm sewers where it could harm aquatic life.” When draining a swimming pool this year, make sure to protect Pennsylvania by following these tips: • Pool water may be disposed of through the sanitary sewer system ONLY with municipal permission. • Never dispose of pool water through a storm sewer, which will discharge to a stream. • If lowering the water level of the pool, let it drain to a lawn to prevent it from running off into a storm sewer. • If a sanitary sewer system is not available, water may be used for irrigation if it does not run off the property or into a storm sewer. The discharge of swimming pool water to any waters of the commonwealth without a permit is a violation of the Clean Streams Law. Property owners and pool companies that violate this law may be prosecuted and penalized for damages.