Living in a small, densely populated community, it is imperative that we all be considerate neighbors. 
To assist us, ordinances have been structured to protect the individual's interests. 

The following are the most commonly referenced ordinances:

Animals – The Borough Office receives frequent calls from residents concerning cats and dogs that are running loose.  Pets must be controlled at all times and must be restricted to your property or on a leash off of your property. In addition, this Ordinance addresses barking dogs and the requirement for owners to clean up excreta from your yard and when walking your animal.   Please keep your pet restricted to the sidewalk as much as possible while taking that walk to respect other people's property. When you and your pet are on a walk, please carry a plastic bag to clean up after your pet. We want to keep Manchester clean and beautiful for our community.

Building/Zoning(Use) Permits – To initiate any building project on your property, please contact the borough office.  A permit, now being referred to as a borough Zoning Permit is still required to erect any manmade item, which includes a deck, patio, fence, pool, and shed A Zoning Permit is required for these, as well as any addition or structure you might wish to add to your property.  Although Permits are not needed for general maintenance such as painting, replacement of siding, or re-shingling of your existing roof, you are requested to notify the Borough Office before starting any repair work.  As you are aware, we are under the mandated Unified Construction Code (UCC) which requires a Building Permit and inspection by a Building Code Officer to review proposed construction, including certain size sheds/garages and pools.  Projects which fall under the Code will be referred to the BCO.

Burning – Burning is not allowed in the Borough.  Due the number of complaints and health concerns, the Council felt it necessary to prohibit burning. Recreational burning pits are not allowed. A barbeque grill is permitted to cook food, only.

Conversion Apartments – Houses and business establishments may not be converted into apartments.  All existing houses and buildings shall remain as single family dwellings or the use as allowed by ordinance in that zone.

Grass, Shrubbery, Trees – During the growing season, please remember to keep bushes, trees, and grass trimmed.  Especially of concern are the street intersections where vegetation can obscure the clear sight line of approaching vehicles, and should be trimmed so as not to exceed a maximum height of three (3) feet Shrubbery and branches need to be pruned back and grass regularly maintained.  Branches may be bundled up with string in four foot lengths and put out for refuse collection.

Junked Vehicles – Borough Council is periodically notified about “junked” autos and trailers that are abandoned on a property.  Motor vehicles and trailers that do not have current inspection stickers and license plates, or dismantled vehicles, must be removed from properties and streets.   Only one junked vehicle may be stored in an enclosed building.

Oversized Vehicles – The Borough has an ordinance that prohibits the parking and storing of oversized vehicles on streets and public or private property, such as: commercial vehicles, tractors, tractor cabs, school buses, and trailers.

Recreational Vehicles – The number of recreational vehicles, trailers, and boats are limited to two per lot but no more than one of each type is allowed.  Recreational vehicles may be parked only in rear yards with certain restrictions.  They may not be parked on the street.

Noise – Noises that create a disturbance outside of property limits or on municipal streets, either by humans, audio devices, autos, all-terrain vehicles, barking dogs, for example, are prohibited by ordinance.  Consideration for others is the key to observing this ordinance!

Pools – A zoning permit is required for installation of ALL pools regardless of whether it is a blow up pool, above ground pool, or an in ground pool if it is capable of containing more than twenty four (24) inches of water. A pool must meet the set back requirement from the property line. A fence is required to surround the pool. If the pool is an above ground pool above four feet in height, a fence is not required provided that all points of access to the pool is adequately protected by a self-closing, self locking gate, or has a retractable ladder. All pools will need to be inspected by the Building Code Official under the Uniform Construction Code.

Recommendation: Contact the borough office BEFORE purchasing a pool for specific information.

See Stormwater, MS4 concerning the discharging of pool water and the closing of a pool for the summer.

Snow/Ice Removal – Snow/ice on sidewalks should be removed within eight hours after the cessation of snowfall, or if the snowfall ceases during the night, then within eight hours after sunrise.

Storm Water-As an MS4 municipality mandated by the Department of Environmental Protection, Manchester Borough is encouraged to inform its citizens concerning storm water runoff and the effects of pollutants on the water system. Rain by nature is important for replenishing drinking water supplies, recreation, and healthy wildlife habitats.  It only becomes a problem when pollutants from our activities like car maintenance, lawn care, and dog walking are left on the ground for rain to wash away.  Remember that whatever you put in your drain or on your streets affects our environment and health. In particular, if Illicit Pollutant Discharges are observed that could end up in the streets and storm water inlets, please notify the Borough Office.


DEP encourages the public to become involved in related projects to improve our environment.  Volunteers will be welcomed.  Please contact the borough office for information.  You may visit Storm Water, MS4  from the left navigational menu for related information pertaining to our environment.