MANCHESTER COMMUNITY PLAYGROUND CARNIVAL–The Carnival will be held at Rudy Park on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 from 4P.M. to 8 P.M.  Come and enjoy food, games, and family fun for all ages.


OLD FASHIONED ICE CREAM SOCIAL is scheduled for Sunday, August 5th at the Manchester Community Park on Liverpool St. from 6-8 P.M.  This is a change in location from the Park at the Square in order to provide more parking.  The community is welcomed to enjoy free ice cream per donations from community businesses.  Entertainment will be provided by “Two Of A kind” to make this a truly enjoyable summer evening.  Come and enjoy free ice cream and entertainment with neighbors and friends.


150th ANNIVERSARY! - Manchester Borough will be celebrating their 150th Anniversary in August of 2019.  A committee has been organized and is meeting monthly.  We need you help to make this happen! We are also looking for artifacts and items that could be put on display to share memories with the older folks and to provide a history of our community to the younger ones.

Come join us! Please contact the Borough office for additional information and meeting dates. (717 266-1022).


MUNICIPAL BEAUTIFICATION - The Council is pleased that leaf collection in Fall and street sweeping in Spring provide successful services for residents. Please check the web site and the sign atthe borough office for scheduling. We also need your assistance to trim back the grass that is growing between the curb, sidewalks, and street infront of your house.  Please sweep up your grass clipping from the sidewalk and street. Those of you that have street trees in front of their house should remember to trim back theweeds in the area around the tree. Please contact the street tree committeebefore trimming any branches. It is amazing how that extra effort can improvethe appearance of our community and your home. Everyone working together can make a difference.


POOLS - A zoning permit is required for installation of ALL pools regardlessof whether it is a blow-up pool, above ground pool, oran in ground pool if it is capable of containing more than twenty-four (24) inches of water. A pool must meet the set-back requirement from the property line. A fence is required to surround the pool. If the pool is an above ground pool above four feet in height, a fence is notrequired provided that all points of access to the pool is adequately protected by a self-closing, self-locking gate, or has aretractable ladder. All pools will need to be inspected by the Building Code Official under the Uniform Construction Code.
Recommendation:Contact the borough office BEFORE purchasing a pool for specific information.

- The York County Planning Commissionhas several programs for assisting home owners in maintaining their homes withrepairs such as for heating systems, electrical work, plumbing, and new roofs.The programs provide for low interest deferred loan payments. You may contactRobin Doll with the Planning Commission at 771-9870 for information, or visitthe website


YORKCOUNTY WEATHERIZATION PROGRAM - Contact the York County PlanningCommission at 771-9870 for information about this program for those that meetthe income criteria. Services include attic and basement insulation, window anddoor weather stripping, etc. Inefficient or unsafe furnaces will be repaired orreplaced. The work for those eligible is free of charge; no lien is filedagainst your property. This is available for renters and homeowners. It isworth while checking into this program to lower your energy bills and toprovide a more comfortable home.


MANCHESTERHISTORY - Manchester Borough will recognize their 50th Anniversary in2019. If you have photos or items from the past that could be shared for theevent, it would be appreciated. We have formed a committee to prepare for thecelebration and could use your talents. Please contact the office. A new website of historical interest for thenortheastern York area has been established which specifically addresses ManchesterBorough's history. Check out!It is quite nice and informative.


MAYORPATRICIA WITT is actively serving the borough. She will performmarriages.


TAXCOLLECTOR - Kelly Neely is the tax collector. She is responsible forcollecting taxes for the Borough, York County, and Northeastern SchoolDistrict. She may be reached at (717) 384-6478. Please see additional taxinformation on the link as noted on the Home Page.


BUILDINGPERMITS - A permit is required to erect any manmade item, including adeck, patio, fence, shed, pond, or pool. Under the UCC, inspection may berequired. Stormwater regulations will also need to beaddressed. Please contact the borough office for information.


STORMWATER - The Department of Environmental Protection has designatedManchester Borough as an MS4 municipality. As such, Manchester Borough isencouraged to inform its citizens concerning storm water runoff and the effectsof pollutants on the water system. Rain by nature is important for replenishingdrinking water supplies, recreation, and healthy wildlife habitats. It onlybecomes a problem when pollutants from our activities like car maintenance,lawn care, and dog walking are left on the ground for rain to wash away. Rememberthat whatever you put in your drain or on your streets affects our environmentand health. "When it Rains, it Drains" publication is available foryour perusal.


BOROUGHSIGN - You probably have noticed the digital sign in front of themunicipal office. Hopefully, we'll be able to keep you better informed aboutborough and community events.


SCHOOLWILL BE IN SESSION - Be observant and cautious while driving. Pleaserespect the crossing guards as they safely cross your children at the signaledintersections in the borough. They have a tough job dealing with traffic, andneed your patience and cooperation in seeing the children arrive safely atschool.


SUSQUEHANNALIONS CLUB - A special thanks is extended to members of the Lions Cluband friends for weeding and beautifying The Park at the Square! Their volunteerorganization reaches out to the community in many ways. The Park at the Square,from inception, was intended to be used by the community-at-large for allresidents to come together in friendship. Thanks for helping to keep it thatway!


STREETTREE COMMISSION - Council has established a Street Tree Commission tooversee the installation and maintenance of trees along the streets in the borough.The committee members are Ken Cole, and Lorretta Simmons. If you have anyconcerns about a tree in front of your property, or before trimming a tree,please contact the office or a committee member.


PARKINGRESTRICTIONS - Parking signs restricting parking during the hours of 7A.M. - 4 P.M. “when school is in session” have been installed in the vicinity of the High School on Hartman Street,several blocks of High Street, and portions of Manchester Heights.
Two permits may be obtained per address if home owners need to park on thestreet in front of their house during the restricted hours. This is anenforceable ordinance. Permits may be obtained at the Borough Office at a costof $2 per permit.






TOWNWATCHES - It has been suggested that a Town Watch program could beorganized by members of the community. Interested individuals may contact theborough office if you would like to participate in this group


NORTHEASTERNEMERGENCY MANAGEMENT VOLUNTEERS - Volunteers are always needed toassist in planning and related activities for the safety and well being of our communities. For more information, pleasecontact the Borough Office at 266-1022.